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About The Team

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In 2012, Urszula left the corporate world and account management to start a career that would work around her young family and in an area close to her heart and home, Lincoln.

As the business grew from almost entirely word of mouth and referral, Haley Smith joined Urszula as a Part Time PA in 2017. With Haley at the helm of administration and customer service, Urszula was able to dedicate even more time to her vendors and the reach increased with sales further into Selwyn.

In 2019 Urszula was given an unmissable opportunity to go back to visit her roots in Poland. During this time Haley was very close to finishing her real estate qualification which she gained shortly afterwards. Haley was now able to help with buyer enquiries and viewings and soon started selling and building her own portfolio of clients. The business continued to grow – based on a network of ‘friend-ors’ (vendors who have become friends with Haley by Urszula’s side.)

We are proud of our team and the successful results we have created for over 100 vendors, and our Top 20 ranking within Bayleys Canterbury from 2017-2023. Through hard work and unwavering dedication to our vendors our sub-brand under Bayleys umbrella is looking forward to creating many more successful real estate for many years to come.

Urszula Bedggood

Licensed Real Estate Sales Consultant

"The market is the market, it’s what we do in the market that matters" – John Bayley.

When Urszula started with Bayleys in 2012 little did she know that this one little quote would become one of the corner stones of her career. Urszula initially gained her marketing expertise through obtaining a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Marketing at Lincoln University in the year 2000, never imagining that this quiet little village would one day would be such a large part of her life. She then spent years in corporate account management gaining practical experience. A career in Real Estate came as opportunity when Bayleys Canterbury asked her to join the team. Her reputation and business is entirely based on referral and word of mouth, and her business grew organically as her experience and family needs changed and evolved.

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Haley Smith

Licensed Real Estate Sales Consultant

Haley has always had a passion for Real Estate from a very young age, and has extensive experience in the construction industry as well as owning several properties herself. She initially started with Urszula Bedggood as her PA, and then as her young family’s needs allowed she naturally progressed to being licensed.


A superbly organised person, she has a natural ability to understand and be able to see a pathway forward through many complex situations. It is through a very naturally systematic approach that Haley is able to assist you with the best path to go onto the market, navigate while on the market and move you onto your next chapter.

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