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Understanding E-Valuation Websites

There are a few E-Valuation sites where homeowners can enter in their address and see a value range for their home. These platforms offer quick and easy estimated property value with just a few clicks, and is derived through a site specific formula that takes into account sales in the area and the council valuation.

While they serve as valuable initial assessment tools, they often lack the accuracy required for determining true market values. There are many ways to value a property and some of these include.

  1. The Initial Cost Building the Property Understanding the original cost of constructing the property helps gauge its worth in today’s market context, but won’t be the value its sold at today.

  2. Rebuild Cost Considering the cost of rebuilding the property using current codes, materials, and sqm costs is essential for insurance purposes.

  3. Specific Worth to an Individual The perceived value of a property can vary significantly from one individual to another. Personal preferences, needs, and circumstances influence how a potential buyer evaluates a property.

  4. General Market Feedback After an open home, gathering feedback on the property’s worth from potential buyers offers valuable insights into its market perception. This feedback aids in setting realistic expectations when considering offers or future pricing strategies if applicable.

  5. Council Rateable Value The council-assigned rateable value determines property taxes. While useful, it may not capture the full market sentiment or accurately reflect the current market conditions.

  6. Registered Valuation A registered valuer’s professional assessment is preferred by lenders, yet it might not encompass the full range of market sentiments affecting property values.

  7. Computer E-Valuation Computer-generated e-valuation tools analyse property data but lack human judgment to consider unique features, neighbourhood dynamics, and current market trends. As a result, they may not provide a complete and accurate picture of a property’s value.

Relying solely on e-valuation ranges can lead to significant pitfalls but giving an unrealistic assessment of the homes value when making decisions about buying another home,

or attracting the wrong type of buyer or deterring genuine interest.

Experienced real estate agents play a critical role in the property valuation process. Our expertise, local market knowledge, and personalised service ensure a comprehensive assessment of a property’s worth. We meticulously research a property’s online presence before we visit to appraise and afterwards analyse its unique attributes, and create tailored marketing and sales strategy to attract the right buyers.

So, while e-valuation sites offer a convenient way to estimate a property’s value, they should be regarded as just one piece of the puzzle. Property valuation perception is a complex process influenced by various factors, and human judgment remains irreplaceable in making accurate assessments. Using our expertise a seller can navigate the market confidently and reach their desired outcome.


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