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How House Hunting is Like Dating: A Buyer's Perspective

Think about buying a house from this perspective; Buying a house is like dating. When searching for ‘The One’, buyers will go on many first dates (open homes). Sometimes they may want to go on a second date to see your home again (private viewings) but ultimately, they know instinctively when it’s right or not.

One day everyone finds ‘the one’ and their reason for choosing it is different depending on their situation and motivation. When buyers come through your home and say there is something not right about it, things they want to change and give reasons as to why they won’t proceed, do not take offence. This is them searching. However, listen to genuine feedback as it’s important. We will tell you if there is something we need to change.

For Example: If buyers are consistently saying something needs to be done about an aspect of the home, and it’s within your control to act on this feedback, then it’s best to listen to it. Eg: clean the gutters if they are full.

When we find the right buyer for a property, they usually have an ‘in love’ expression and we know it’s going to go ahead.

Agents are like the dating agents. The agents who listen and have everyone’s best interests at heart are the ones that are trusted and get to represent the most homes. As potential agents for your home, it’s our job to present your property the best way that we can to attract buyers. We then listen to the buyers, make decisions with you about the property and bring the deal together.


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