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Why Fragrance Matters

When it comes to creating an awesome first impression of your home, although appearance is important it is not the only thing that matters. According to many experts, how a property ‘smells’ can also have a powerful impact on first impressions and the buyers connection to a home.

If you get the chance to walk into a five star hotel you will notice there will be a signature fragrance that greets you. As a traveller this has a calming and relaxing effect and helps to set the tone for the hotel and experience ahead. Scent triggers you emotionally and studies have shown that it can have an effect on mood, emotions and also help memory recall in the future.

When your home is on the market it’s important that it smells fresh and inviting, greeting viewers with a pleasant fragrance upon entry.

So what can you do to make your home smell inviting that is one step beyond clean?

Use your good scents

Invest in good quality candles or a diffuser to give a room ambiance. This will help potential buyers relax and connect with the space. We often gift our vendors a quality Ecoya candle, so they can light it prior to viewings.

Before a viewing or open home avoid cooking food that will leave an odour. PS: We do not expect you to bake bread before each open home or a pre-qualified viewing!

Don’t overwhelm the senses

Although a subtle smell is pleasant upon entry, care must be taken to ensure it’s not overly strong or overwhelming. Buyers could become suspicious the scent has been used to hide something. It could also make them feel ill or set off allergies!

Candles are not the only way to introduce subtle scent into your home.

  • Citrus - this helps reinforce that your home is clean, it is a good scent to use in the bathrooms and powder rooms. Clean these areas with subtle scented products prior to an open home or invest in a good quality room spray to spritz.

  • Pine and Cedar - these help a home feel fresh and clean. Incorporate a pine frond into a flower arrangement to give a fresh smell to the room.

  • Fresh Herbs - place a potted basil, mint or lemongrass plant in your kitchen or on the windowsill. These can be brought from the supermarket and kept alive for days if required.

  • Fresh Flowers - although a great way to introduce scent to a room, be careful with polarising flowers like lilies. Some people are highly allergic to the smell and pollen. You don’t want a buyer’s lasting impression to be the discomfort of streaming eyes and sneezing.

Top Hint: Keep diffuser jars handy after you have used up the oil inside, remove any labels and use them as mini vases in places like the bathroom. Pop in a cute flower or two from the garden to freshen up the room.


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